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over, the lord of Karnata presented to yon his own riding
horses and elephants together with tassels of matchless pearls,
and an yellow pavada"
While this Tiruvengalanatha was holding the districts of
Pulugula-wflfZw and Pottapi-nadw together with Siddhavatam-
sl-ma as his amaraw, and governing (as a deputy of the Eaya)
the simas of Duvvur} Cennur, Porumamilla and Badvel, he met,
on one occasion, in the court of Venkatapatiraya at Candra-
giri, Gopalaraja, a cousin-german of the Raya, who was
governing the swna of Kandanavolu. In the course of convers-
ation, Gopalaraja observed : " Your father and grandfather
were brave soldiers, who showed great valour. You have
not as yet seen any serious fighting. Moreover, you are
still yoiing. Therefore, it won't be to your advantage to walk
in the footsteps of your ancestors. You will strengthen your
position, by adjusting your conduct to the exigencies of time."
On receiving this advice, Tiruvengalanatha was annoyed.
He replied: " However much you may treat us as youngsters,
you have to be protected by people like us, when you are beset
by enemies. There is no other way." Then, Gopalaraja went
to Kandanavolu, and Tiruvengalanatha to Siddhavatam.
*                  #                   *                   *
While Matla Tiruvenaglanatha was thus ruling (at
Siddhavatam) Vira Venkatapatiraya breathed his last in
Oandragiriin &S. 1532 Saumya (Jan.-Feb. 1610 A.D.)*
Kaifiyat ofCi^ivllii L>R. 22, pp. 209-12.
Muluvagalu (II) having, by the prowess of his arm,
caused the destruction of the pride of the Lord of Madhura,
was received with honour by Venkatapatiraya and hence-
forward assumed the title of Cikkaraya.
Ko4Um Venkatacalapati: Sknttdapittanam, §ivarahafyakhandamt
Mad. Govf. Or. Ms*. Lit. D. No. 322, 13-1-37, p. 4-a.
* This date is wrong, as there is strong evidence to show that Venkatapatiraya ruled
Vfttxi 1614 A.D. (See ffist, /*/,, p. 270); N.DJ. iii. U. 19 purports to be a. grant m*d» by
kim Ik IS. 1537 (1615 A.D.).